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Campus View

Xinhua Academy has French classical style school buildings. The sunken square offers space for students to communicate, learn, and play.

Advanced Teaching Facilities

Our campus includes a library; multi-functional classrooms; physics, biology, and chemistry labs; STEAM classrooms; history and geography classrooms; opera, choral, piano, and instrumental music rooms; a dance classroom; art and pottery classrooms; and traditional classrooms for calligraphy, tea art, and labor.

Sports Facilities

Our campus has a running track and playground, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, four season heated in-door swimming pool, table tennis room, badminton and tennis courts, squash rooms, fencing hall, and gymnasium.

Campus Service

Campus services include the provision of school uniforms, school buses, infirmary, student dormitories, Chinese canteen, Western canteen, and laundry room.

  • 行政办公室
  • 幼儿园
  • 活动空间
  • 校园环境