Educational Concept: Xinhua Academy Kindergarten integrates the essence of Chinese and Western education, using concepts and models borrowed from international education, dedicated to the development of thinking skills, tolerance, and creativity. Kindergarten provides children with a diverse learning environment, enabling them to understand and respect different cultures, and develope healthy, optimistic, confident, responsible, and curious behaviors. It lays the foundation for their lifelong development.

Special courses include STEAM, the study of Chinese language, culture, and history, and reading in English.

STEAM Chinese Traditional Culture Reading Course Social Practice Compulsory Course: Swimming
This develops young children's creativity and interdisciplinary thinking skills, and encourages children to explore independently. STEAM implants the scientific spirit into children's hearts with real life experiences. Children learn about traditional Chinese culture through the practice of daily etiquette, the theory of unity of knowing and doing, poetry recitation, the study of Chinese art, traditional science, and the evolution of Chinese characters. This study helps students to understand and absorb the values of filial piety, humility, honesty, self-love, frugality, integrity, and patriotism as they grow up. Through highlighting situational reading, using graphic books as the medium, we inspire children to seek answers as they grow, and use reading as a bridge to resolving doubts. In this way, children can learn to express, read and create in the situational reading. Xinhua Academy Kindergarten teaches real life social practice activities that let children grow up in real society, develop maturity, learn to deal with adversity, and adapt socially. Swimming will be a special required course in Xinhua Academy for our youngest students. Through swimming, we aim to improve the physical and mental health levels of young children.