Xinhua Academy middle school integrates Chinese and Western educational strategies, concepts, and values to provide students with opportunities to explore, develop a solid knowledge base, and be fully prepared for the academic challenges of the future. Students conduct inquiry learning, cultivate new knowledge, and master the necessary skills for successful learning and living.

In middle school, we continue to use the immersion language system begun in primary school. Through progressive language learning, students will be able to express themselves in both English and Chinese and truly develop intercultural understanding.

We adopt small-class sizes which give students the opportunity to deeply learn with individual attention from teachers.

The middle school curriculum not only promotes the intellectual development of students, but also actively develops their emotional intelligence, social skills, and physical health. Middle school courses include Chinese and English language and literature, mathematics, social sciences (politics, history, and geography of China and the world), science (physical, biology, chemistry), the arts (drama, music, dance, musical instruments), and physical and health education.

While respecting and honoring Chinese culture and language, we will align our national Chinese curriculum with international concepts and teaching strategies in order to fulfill our school’s mission to broaden international horizons and develop outstanding citizens for the future world.

Bilingual Courses Arts and Sports Courses Extra-curricular Program (ECP)
We will have both foreign and Chinese English teachers, offering both Cambridge Global English and national English courses. ABRSM certified music teachers teach and assist students to participate in the professional examination. Swimming courses are included in the students' ability assessment system as a required course. Multiple extra-curricular courses will be available as well as large campus celebrations and performances to let every student meet their special interests and shine!

Xinhua Academy offers global studies to broaden students' international perspectives and enhance their academic studies. Students will be prepared to successfully enter domestic or international high schools, or directly apply for foreign high schools.

Our student-centered middle school will create multiple opportunities for students to develop research skills, communication skills, critical thinking, teamwork, and self-management. These capacities will be important factors in successfully applying for high school and university.