What is Orff music?

Orff Music Education is a comprehensive education system. In Orff's music class, children have the opportunity to enter the rich world of art. Music is no longer just melodies or rhythms, but is associated with children's songs, rhythms, dances, dramas and even visual arts like painting and sculpture. They may follow a teacher's guidance to focus on a specific source of sound and listen to, discern, and imagine different voices from real life and nature.

The Orff Music Education System is one of the three most famous and influential music education systems in the world. Orff music education principle is “original music” education which is closely integrated with action, dance, and language. It is a kind of music that people must participate in. People are not involved as listeners, but as performers. The original music is organic, natural and close to the soil, which can be learned and experienced by everyone, and is suitable for children.

The value of Orff Music Education lies in the following aspects:

1. Music education is no longer limited to certain children, but is accessible to every child.
2. Instead of being stuck at home practising playing musical instrument, or being taught how to learn music, Orff Music makes it fun. Children are able to perform without repetitive skill training.
3.Children do not learn rigid knowledge passively anymore. Improvisation is encouraged, instead.
4. Children do not learn individually. They collaborate with each other. They start to learn collaboration and compliance.
5. Children will truly feel the meaning of music and develop emotional communication and connection between people through playing. Their sense of cooperation and coordination in a group will also be enhanced through playing.

Xinhua Academy Kindergarten inherits Orff music education thought and its teaching methods. Combining with the culture, language, folk songs, nursery rhymes and even dialects of the nation, we offer an open music education and teaching model. Art is a kind of instinct that everyone owns. Xinhua Academy Kindergarten’s music education will fully explore children’s potential, so that every child can feel and experience the joy brought by music, and let children's musical talent shines.