The 20th "Star of Outlook English Talent Awards" was successfully held in Xinhua Academy!

On April 27, the 20th annual "Star of Outlook English Talent Competition" Hefei Division Final for Anhui Province, was successfully held at Xinhua Academy!

At 8 o'clock in the morning, nearly 500 participating families gathered at Xinhua Academy. While they were waiting for the competition to begin,teachers of Xinhua Academy led the parents and children on a tour of the campus. Parents took many photos of the gorgeous French-style architecture.

In addition to visiting the campus, the young competitors were also well prepared for this Division Final competition. They were busy practicing their English in preparation for their speeches.

Self-growth is more important than the actual performance. All the children in this contest were winners! All the teachers of Xinhua Academy were honored to participate in this event with the children, witness their growth together, and move towards a better tomorrow.

On May 12,18,&19, the "Star of Outlook" Anhui Provincial Final will be held at Xinhua Academy. We look forward to more wonderful performances from the children! See you then!