The same XHA ,different fresh experience.

In the "School Open Day" activities , Mr Chen Dong , an education tycoon in Anhui province, general counsel of XHA and the previous principal of Hefei No.1 High School has had an educational sharing which caused a strong resonance among parents. LiJianmin, President of XHA , has shared the idea of managing XHA which let parents firmly believe the strength. 

In addition, activities including excellent DEMO courses at all levels and ECP school-based experience courses enable parents and children to have a close , multiple and deep perspective to know about XHA.

For us, we hope that the "Campus Open Day" is not only an image display or review of results but through the real and natural daily campus activities, parents can feel the initiative mission of XHA and have a clear understand of children's future learning and life state.

We are grateful for the continuous attention from all walks of life to XHA. Let's pursue excellence and grow happily together!